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Fishing Reel Maintenance & Repair

Team Cruise Craft asked fishing reel technician Duncan Chowns to give us some tips on reel maintenance - some great advice here.

Testing Garmin's New In-hull GT15M CHIRP Transducer

Wynnum Marine installs a Garmin GPS-MAP 7410 to the dash of John Daffy's Outsider 625 and matches it with Garmin's new in-hull CHIRP medium frequency transducer, mounted in the bilge. Click the photo to see the results including the screen grabs.

'Anchoring' A Cruise Craft Explorer 685 Offshore With A Trolling Motor

Graham and Kathleen Taylor have come up with a unique way to 'anchor' their Cruise Craft Explorer 685 offshore - using a Minn Kota electric trolling motor. Here, you can see it in operation. (Click the photo to watch the video).

Catching Marlin With David Green's Outrigger Rod Holders

​You don't need to spend thousands on outrigger poles to catch small black marlin, dollies and wahoo from your CruiseCraft. Team CruiseCraft manager John Daffy explains an excellent alternative - Greens Marine Stainless outrigger rod holders. (Click the photo to watch the video).

How To Drive Your Cruise Craft On To A Multi-Roller Trailer

Cruise Craft Director Nathan Nichols demonstrates how easy it is to drive your Cruise Craft on to a trailer provided that you go about it in the right way. Click photo to view video.

Garmin 7412XSV Plotter, Sounder & Interfaces

An overview of twin Garmin 7412XSV's fitted to a CruiseCraft Explorer 685 hardtop - how the electronics work and how they interface with watches, cameras and other equipment. Click photo to watch video.

Garmin Auto Pilot

Garmin's Gordon Triplett demonstrates the auto guidance system on Garmin's auto pilot and shadow steering. Click photo to view video.

WASSP Multibeam Sonar

​A sounder with 224 beams? That's what the WASSP transceiver is all about and the results are stunning as Shane Beardmore from J. N. Taylor - Queensland explains. Click the image at left to view the video.

Pick Your Sounder First

   Pick your sounder first. That's the advice from Furuno's Shane Beardmore speaking with Team CruiseCraft's John Daffy.  Click image at left to view video

Furuno Model Codings Explained

Understanding Fuuno's model codings can be a little tricky. Some models use the last two digits to describe the screen size, others use the first numbers. Here, Furuno's Shane Beardmore gives an overview of the codings while talking with Team CruiseCraft's John Daffy. Click the image to view the video.