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'Wellsy' Marries His Boat February 2013

​ In a bizarre twist to traditional on-line internet romance stories, Thornlands (Brisbane) fireman Graham Wells married his true love on Valentine's Day – a gorgeous CruiseCraft Outsider 685.

His first wife, Amanda attended, wearing black and flashing visual daggers at the new lady in Graham's life who he said: "Is looking even more beautiful than the day I first saw her on the internet."

Graham and his lady love were married in a competition where listeners of Radio Station Triple M were invited to explain why they should "Marry My True Love" on air, on Valentine's Day.

Amanda, who recently has taken to wearing temporary Team CruiseCraft tattoos in order to attract her husband's attention, decided enough was enough and told the radio station that she had become a boating widow. Amanda declared that Graham might as well move on and marry the lady he seemed to care more about, his new boat, The Cure. So early Valentine's Day, on-air personalities from Triple M organised a pink veil and glass studded pink tiara, red carpet, flowers, a bridal arch, pink champagne, rose petals, a wedding licence and a civil celebrant for the outdoor wedding ceremony attended by family members and friends.

Thousands more participated in the wedding by listening to its live broadcast. While Graham schmoozed, smooched and cuddled his new 'bride', former marital partner Amanda fired off some very quick retorts like: "I suppose I should be happy that she's full of fibreglass and not silicon'. The ceremony featured a Reading from The Book of Tides that began: "And as Paul said to Matthew, John and Mark: And so, as you shall leaveth the Redland Bay, so shall the tide 30 minutes later than those proscribed at the Brisbane Bar. Graham said: "This really is a magical day – I know we've already spent a few wonderful nights together before the ceremony, but today it's official.

"We're now a team." "I'm going to take her to faraway places, tropical islands, and beach sunrises and sunsets every chance I get." Dress code for the wedding was 'boating formal' – a suit jacket, board shorts and thongs.

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