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Poker Run December 2012

Who would have thought that four kings would pop up as a hand in the recent Team CruiseCraft Poker Run?

We put a total of five decks of cards in five different locations and CruiseCraft owners had to complete a tour of all five destinations collecting a card at each stop (lunch was hosted at the last one).

Paul and Anna-Maree Whalley from Victoria Point on Brisbane's southern bayside completed the trek and collected the winning hand securing a $500 Club Marine insurance prize voucher.

Officials initialled the back of every card handed out to ensure that no 'creative' dealings crept into the competition. That made the four-of-a-kind even more confounding.

The Team CruiseCraft Poker Run visited various locations in Brisbane's Moreton Bay including Raby Bay Beach; the Raby Bay Boat Harbour where a flotilla of CruiseCrafts idling into and out of the harbour for a couple of hours made a spectacular sight; the southern side of Coochie Mudlo Island; Blakesley's Anchorage on the western side of North Stradbroke Island and Horseshoe Bay, Peel Island.

Once again, a wonderful assortment of CruiseCrafts made the trek.

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