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Peel Island August 2014

Around 150 people attended the recent Team CruiseCraft family Beach Picnic BBQ at Horseshoe Bay on Peel Island in an event that took a slightly different format to previous years.

For example, there was a fishing competition where all competitors were issued with the same type and size of hook, the same sized sinker and the same bait.

They were given exactly one hour to catch the most noteworthy fish and were not permitted to move their boats from their current position, anchored stern-first in the shallows.

There were a couple of … now how should we say this … 'very enterprising efforts' to secure the prize for the best fish.

But given that we've never seen a deep sea mullet swimming in the shallows of Horseshoe Bay, let alone a Western Australia blue pilchard or some of the other 'creative' attempts – one of which was still partly frozen - it was a youngster who genuinely caught a tarwhine and therefore claimed the major prize of a Lowrance sounder.

There was also a general knowledge quiz about CruiseCraft matters with questions such as: Name the boat which won Trailer Boat Magazine's Boat of the Year title in 2013 and: Which is the best-selling model in the history of CruiseCraft?

(The correct answers to those questions were: the Explorer 595 – many said Explorer 685 but that was the year before; and the best-selling model was the CruiseCraft Rogue).

The winners of the lucky draw for tickets to the Brisbane Boat Show also were publicly drawn at the event.

For the record, they were: Greg & Heather Hines, from Bunya; Tony Bartolo, Mackay; David Brooks, Runcorn; Jim Airey, Surfers Paradise and Helaine Wilsesmith from Brighton (Brisbane).

The barbeque lunch was sponsored by Mayfair Dental – the same company which presents the prizes for our quarterly

More than 4,000 people around Australia are now in Team CruiseCraft, but clearly the highest concentration of members is in the Redlands area of Greater Brisbane. 'Members' is probably not the most accurate term for there are no membership fees, no formal structures or elected positions and no formal voting procedures. Instead, this factory-backed alliance congregates regularly through a process of camaraderie and on-line connectivity."

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