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Bruce Hunt, CruiseControl, Outsider 685

Bruce covers plenty of miles in his 2002 Outsider. As the third owner of the boat which undertook rescue work at Tweed Heads before being on-sold to another owner in Western Australia, Bruce put a fair bit of effort into tidying up the boat. He uses the boat for family outings to Rottnest Island and Mandurah, enjoying fishing and crabbing as well a...
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Brett Seng, Explorer 685

Brett's name is famous through south-east Queensland fishing competitions as a snapper guru. Look down any tournament board in a south-east Queensland offshore fishing competition and the odds are that you will see Brett's name. He has won enough fishing rods in these competitions to impressively stock a tackle shop. Always ready to share his snapp...
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Jay Furniss, Kid Cougar, Explorer 600

Not many kids grow up with a cougar as a playmate, but Jay Furniss pictured here, did.He and Mal McInnes have been mates since the Ark and from when Mal once owned the Golden River Zoo at Mildura in Victoria's north-west. Pride of the exhibits was a house-tamed and trained cougar which even once figured in the Cougar bourbon television advertisemen...
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Brett Lee, Spearer, Explorer 685

Brett Lee started his lifetime association with CruiseCraft boats when he was just 10 years old. He fished for bream in a 10 foot timber dinghy built by Kevin Nichols when Kevin was doing his boat building apprenticeship. Brett 's father, Cec was a stalwart in the Southern Cross fishing club in Toowoomba. The club had a fleet of the timber dinghies...
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Brendon Tait, Karma Cruisin’, Outsider

He's earned the nickname of CruiseCraft's media tart - Brendon Tait. After a brilliant trip to fish the Boyne-Tannum Hook-Up, Brendon not only won one of the prize boats on offer, but he also appeared three times in one edition of the Gladstone Observer. Not only that, he followed it up with two appearances in one edition of Bush 'n Beach magazine....
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Bill Corten, Reef Affair, Explorer 685

He's too modest to admit it, but Bill is an absolute guru on bar crossings and offshore fishing techniques. Most weekends he's out on his specially kitted Explorer 685 teaching people the safe way to cross the notorious South Passage Bar between South Stradbroke and Moreton Islands. When not dicing with surf, pressure waves, wind and swells on the ...
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Kevin Nichols, Broomstick, Explorer 685

Kevin is a one of the industry's most respected marine identities and an incredibly talented boat builder. He's a second generation member of the famous Nichols boat building family. Now retired from active boat manufacturing, Kevin is a regular host at Team CruiseCraft events. Known under his call sign of Broomstick in fishing tournaments, Kevin m...
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Julie Daffy, My Orca, Outsider 625

Julie Daffy persuaded the CruiseCraft factory to build her a cruiser version of an Outsider 625 fully fitted with embroidered dashboard mat and seat backs, beige upholstery in the cockpit and Mocca suede in the cabin, a rear dining table, mood lighting, an up-market sound system, long range tanks and fresh water supply, special seat covers and a ho...
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Graham Wells, The Cure, Outsider 685

In a bizarre twist to traditional on-line internet romance stories, Graham Wells married his true love on Valentine's Day – a gorgeous CruiseCraft Outsider 685. His first wife, Amanda attended, wearing black and flashing visual daggers at the new lady in Graham's life who he said: "… is looking even more beautiful than the day I first saw her on th...
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David Green, Predator, Explorer 685

He's one of Team CruiseCraft's most active members and a guru of offshore fishing as well as in stainless steel marine fabrication - David Green. Always willing to share advice and a first port of call if you are trying to figure out how to modify or repair something made of stainless steel, or even fine-tune your sounder. We've seen plenty of phot...
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