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Rob & Kath Edmonds, Outsider 685

Rob and Kath Edmonds know that showing lots of red makes us turn green with envy. What a life these guys have. A holiday home up at Mossman (north of Cairns) where they keep their Outsider 685 and regular visits from their sons Kieran and Rowan, both keen fisherman. Kieran is such a considerate son. He takes his wife Kelly and their son Noah up to ...
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Eddie Sheppard, Explorer 625

We're very, very fortunate to have a great diversity of interesting folk in Team CruiseCraft and Eddie Sheppard from Western Australia is right up there with the best of him. The ex-South African is he pretty handy with a rod and reel, he also logs every species of fish he catches. So far the score is 75 saltwater species ranging from a milk spotte...
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Mark & Tracy Larsen, Krooze, Explorer

Mark Larsen loves heading to Fraser Island with his Explorer 685. He easily secured pole position on this barge trip going over from Inskip Point to Hook Point at the southern end of Fraser Island. Mark is a regular on-water traveller to distant offshore fishing locations. He also has a great eye for detail, keeping his boat immaculate. One of his ...
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Ken & Billie Hunter, Gale Force, Executive 700

Now this is how to travel in Executive comfort and style – Ken and Billie Hunter use their luxury cruiser as an upmarket caravan when on the road. With the opening of the Western Australia demersal fishing season (which in general terms is that group of fish which live near the seabed in deep water), Ken and Billie head down towards the Bunbury Yac...
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Danny Burke, Resort 6

Danny Burke, (better known in local circles as Danny The Barber) sold his Power Cat 2600 to secure a CruiseCaft Resort 6 for his family which includes wife, Kim, and daughters Rubie and Ella. And why the change? "When I saw how well Resorts performed in choppy water, I realised that we didn't really need the big PowerCat." Danny also is very well k...
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Sally Jones, Gizmo, Explorer 575

Sally Jones from Southport on the Gold Coast is one of Team CruiseCraft's most active photographers. Here's an example - a great sunset shot when fishing down the Pin (that's the Jumpinpin Bar area between North Stradbroke and South Stradbroke Islands at the northern end of the Gold Coast). Sally managed to secure personalised CC575Q registration f...
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Graham and Kathleen Taylor, Ocean Pearl, Explorer 685

This couple has encyclopaedic knowledge about great places to go in a CruiseCraft. Keen fisherfolk (Kathleen has amassed a wall of trophies), they've also built up a wealth of knowledge about the performance of different propellers, fuel economy and best travelling speeds. They're the ones to see about the best places to stay when you are holidayin...
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Steve Deighton, Distraction, Outsider 685

Steve and Darelle Deighton are stalwarts of Team CruiseCraft. Often seen travelling in the company of Steve and Lyn Murray and Graham and Kath Taylor (who also have red-trimmed 685's), they're regulars up at 1770 and the Boyne Tannum Hook-Up. Always ready to give some great advice and a few waypoints to newcomers, the Deightons also are right into ...
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Luke Deighton, Stinger, 506

Luke Deighton undertook a fantastic, complete restoration of a CruiseCraft Stinger 506. He's yet another member of the Deighton family which figures regularly in team CruiseCraft newsletters. They travel to great places from their home in Brisbane and they have shot some spectacular photos. As well as being an offshore fisherman of some repute, Luk...
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Greg Morris, Explorer 685

Meet Greg Morris from Boomi in northern New South Wales – successful farmer, recreational pilot, crop duster pilot, thrill seeker, rodeo clown and owner of an Explorer 685. Greg previously owned a 26 foot Sea Ray but figured: "It just didn't have the zip for crossing the coastal bars" which he regularly visited in northern New South Wales. So Greg ...
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